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June 11th, 2012

Recharge ACBeing that summer is pretty much here and the weather is getting hotter, staying cool is a must. This is especially true when it comes to driving. Driving in a car with no air conditioning can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. That's why making sure a trained technician should complete your air conditioning recharge.

In most vehicles the air conditioning in a car is a closed loop system of tubing that is filled with a refrigerant that cycles from liquid to a gaseous state that circulates around the system again and again. The refrigerant in a cars a/c is what makes the cold air for your vehicle. With out it the a/c will just blow hot air. When this happens all you need to do is recharge your ac with more refrigerant.

Performing an air conditioning recharge can be a fairly quick process and could practically be performed by anyone as long as you know what your doing. It is also important that if you are going to do it yourself that you wear safety glasses and proper safety classes to protect your eyes. Also it is important to avoid any skin contact of the refrigerant. Skin contact with refrigerant can cause instant frostbite on bare skin or eye.

When it comes to buying refrigerant for your vehicle you must first determine what kind of refrigerant it needs. Typically in vehicles 1995 and up the correct refrigerant used is the R134a. The refrigerant for vehicles older than 1995 is the R12, which has been, discontinued due to the fact that it is more harmful to the environment. So if your vehicle needs R12 refrigerant then the only place you would find it is in other older cars, which should only be done by certified mechanics. If that is too much of a hassle then getting a conversion to R134a refrigerant for your a/c can be done.

When recharging your a/c yourself, be sure that you follow your vehicles repair manual correctly to ensure it’s done correctly and for your safety. If you are unsure of performing an air conditioning recharge yourself, then taking your vehicle to a mechanic shop would be the smart thing to do. Recharging your a/c at a shop is usually inexpensive and takes little time to do.

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